Sunday, July 31, 2011

Statement of Purpose/ Who We Are And Why We Do What We Do

"Jaygle Bay Jams is a group of girls who get together to make delicious and occasionally eccentric jams. We started our group after the sudden death of one of our friends/son and it was a way for us to get together and heal. It was so much fun and happiness for all of us that we continued to do it. Our jams have taken blue ribbons and grand champion at the Montgomery County, MD county fair and let's be honest here, they are just plain awesome.

Once a week our group gets together to jam with the freshest and as- local-as-we-can-get-it fruit. If you are looking to expand your jam palette and want fresh fruit in interesting combinations, we strongly suggest you try one of our Jaygle Bay Jams."

Hopefully with this blog  we can keep everyone updated on our experiments in flavor, how we are doing in the county/state fair circuit and what we have for sale over on etsy.

Over and out. See you tomorrow with tales of smushed fruity goodness.

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